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M-PC Free Edition Hardware M-PC Free Edition works with a wide variety of USB to DMX adapters. Especially the Open DMX allows many incredibly inexpensive or DIY solutions.
FAQ This section will provide answers, to frequently asked M-Series questions<br> Please visit our M-Series Support page, which is an Online Help, and will provide a lot of useful info<br> <a href="http://controllersupport.elationlighting.com" class="onebox" target="_blank">http://controllersupport.elationlighting.com</a>
Midi & Co Anything related to Midi controllers and the amazing M-PC Tools application is talked about here
Libraries Only post here bugs and errors. Library requests will be deleted.<br>Please use <a href="http://controllersupport.martin.com/Content/Manual/Support/Fixture_Library.htm">http://controllersupport.martin.com/Content/Manual/Support/Fixture_Library.htm</a>
Software Want to know how to do make it work? Want to share a neat programming trick? Come on in!
Suggestions Missing a feature? Have a great idea? Share it here and discuss it with the M-Series user community.
Hardware Fader broken? Screen going crazy? OS doesn't want install? You are in the right place.
M-PC Installation Support Doesn't work? Annoying error message? This is the place to sort it out.

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