Fixture Library Downloads and Requests (1)

The LightJockey installation no longer installs with all available fixture profiles. The list has gotten so big that the software takes a long time to scan the folders needed causing long delays when entering the patch. …

LightJockey / M-PC Hardware Compatibility (1)

What LightJockey / M-PC hardware do I have? What version of Windows is my Lightjockey hardware is compatible with? Before posting a question related to Lightjockey / M-PC hardware, identify the LigthJockey hardware and…

About LightJockey (2)
LJ Manager / LED-Trix 1.5.0 (3)

LJ Manager / LED-Trix 1.5.0 (March 29 2013) Here it is... the latest version of LJ Manager 1.5.0 This version includes the LED-Trix plugins P.S. LJ Manager is included in the Lightjockey installer But in case you nee…

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