ONYX   Bugs

LED fade issue latest beta (1)
Looks like fixture window has a little bug when resizing showing !preset pan tilt! (3)
Override buttons suddenly stopped working (1)
Override status not updated (1)
As MAIN: Release on next GO (3)
RESELECT fixtures by the button (4)
Linking FX Parameters Pan/Tilt are Swapped. (1)
Can't join show over WiFi (5)
[Not a Bug] Timecode Cuelist - Not playing after learning GO (5)
I think maybe I found a "bug" on the Obsidian web site (1)
Can't save a show file (1)
Renaming/cloning/moving fixtures (5)
M-Play wasnt working (SOLVED) (1)
Manager Touch Panel export to HTML bug (4)
MPlay No longer outputs DMX after update to Onyx (8)
Ticket System Request (3)
Groups Report - Non existing groups reported? | MultiParts fixture not displayed (1)
X-Net lost programmer actions, but not playback cuelist (3)
Cuelist/Fader sometimes "sticks" when being adjusted (3)
Cuelists/Presets Reports - sofware build number (1)
Old Brand still present in Cuelists/Presets Reports (1)
ARt-net Dropdown (3)
CUE triggering with DMX-IN (5)
fixture centre issues (4)