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About the Bugs category (1)
Master wont let slave systems join show (1)
Unpatch problem solved 4.2.1045 (1)
error 1317 (11)
Clone bug (1)
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"Release all" Bug? (1)
Function assign on virtual buttons (5)
Fixture Library Editor - Color & Gobo Wheel not visible at import (3)
M-Touch/M-Play Window shows M2PC instead of M-Touch (5)
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License Issue after upgrading to 4.2 (1)
Cherry PIE POS Keyboard Issues (1)
Bug with saving intensity presets (SOLVED) (1)
2D Plot losing movers (1)
Stuck on Checking Conflicts while adding a new fixture (1)
V4.2.1039 M1 submaster issue (3)
V4.2.1039 motorised Playback Wing bug (in use with Martin M1) (1)
X-net bug (4)
Time code column editing (1)
[bug] DPI double touche screens problem (1)
2D Plan % text only shows -1% (5)
LED fade issue latest beta (1)
Looks like fixture window has a little bug when resizing showing !preset pan tilt! (3)
Override buttons suddenly stopped working (1)
Override status not updated (1)
As MAIN: Release on next GO (3)
RESELECT fixtures by the button (4)